Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sarah Palin for President?

Why is this even a topic of conversation? Is there really a percentage of the population that think this is a good idea? Hopefully - please God - it is a very tiny percentage, because just the fact that she is even mentioned as a potential candidate sends me into a swirling vortex of disbelief and anger.

Folks, she is a BIMBO! The Palmgate thing is just the most recent evidence, but don't let it overshadow her previous displays of ignorance. Anyone remember the Katie Couric interview? I thought so.

This is the same Sarah Palin that was elected by the PEOPLE OF ALASKA (How? I have no idea) to be the CEO of their state, and she walked away from the job when the going got a little bit tough. Or maybe it was because she was tired of running a state and had higher aspirations and thought that her job as governor might interfere with her plans to run for president. I don't know what her motivation was, all I know is she fucking QUIT.

There should be a law that says if you quit the post you campaigned for and to which you were elected, you can't run for public office again for anything, ever. End of story.

If it's not a law, it should at least be common sense to the voters that you don't elect a fucking quitter to a higher office. I mean, come on. Does this need to be explained? I saw a lady on TV recently - something Geller, I think her name was (I was in too much disbelief to remember her first name, dammit) - saying that Palin quit because the "Lower 48" needed her. Are you fucking serious?

And she was telling Ron Reagan (yes, son of the former Prez) that his father would have liked Palin. Ron, Jr. was like, you've lost your mind, he wouldn't be able to tolerate her. And Geller (who never met President Reagan, by the way) argued that yes he would too like her. It was one of the most assinine displays of ignorance I've ever seen. This lady was so unaware of her own ignorance that she was impossible to shut up and was flat out rude to the other people on the panel. I cry for our country when I see things like this.

Message to Sarah Palin:

Please, just go back to your good ol' home state of Alaska, go back to bein' a hockey mom and droppin' your "g's" at the PTA meetin's and talkin' all folksy and cutesy pie, and just drop off the radar. Please. This country is in bad shape and all you're doing is throwing gravel into the cogs. I was interested in hearing what the Tea Party had to say. I wanted to find out where this fledgling political party stands on the vital issues facing our country, but was so disappointed that you were chosen to be the featured spokesperson that I really can't take the Tea Party seriously anymore. You, however, didn't fail to disappoint, you played the clueless bimbo to perfection.

Ron Paul, anyone? The Libertarian Party is looking pretty good right now.