Monday, January 28, 2008


It was definitely a Monday. I can't honestly say it was a bad day, really, because some good things happened. But from the moment I walked out the door this morning, I was out of synch with the flow, the positive energy flow, like I was a half step off beat all day. Everyone has days like that, where you catch every redlight on the way to work. You're sailing along and a half-second before you decide "If it turns yellow now I go" and you start to hit the accelerator, it turns yellow and you back down and hit the brakes. It was like that today. A half-second off. At every light. Then at lunch I pulled into a gas station to fill up and just as I turned to pull up next to the pump, a dude comes in from the other side and beats me by half a second, so I pull around to the next pump and someone has just pulled in. Like that. All damn day.

I'm not whining about it - at least I don't me to sound like I am - I just think it's worth noting that sometimes one can be out of synch and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it but just try to minimize the damage, and keep "one of those days" from becoming a real shitty day. I think these are the days that have potential to go bad. For me, days like today, my temper gets a little short. Not like rage or anything, just cranky, irritable. And if I'm not careful, the day can deteriorate quickly into a bad day. So I've learned to watch my step on these days. My mojo is off kilter, so minimize the exposure. When my ability to groove with the positive flow is for some reason inhibited, I watch my step but keep moving forward. It took me many years to understand the cyclical flow of good energy, karma, what have you, and to roll with it when the rolling is good, and to step aside when I can't get the rhythm.

So today was kind of a damage control day, and it worked out okay. I didn't piss anyone off, nothing bad happened, and something that could have been bad, wasn't. So the lesson here, the lesson I have to remember, is we almost always have choices. We can choose how we act or react to the flow. When I'm out of step, don't jump into the middle of the parade. Back off, regroup, and get back in step. Nothing profound, but it's something I seem to forget. I figured if I write it down, maybe I'll remember it.

Peace and comfortable shoes...