Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The world is upside down.

Fucking craaazyyyy.

The Middle East is on fire. Revolution, bitchez.

Japan: Earthquake; Tsunami; Nuclear meltdown. Death. Destruction. Suffering. Craaaazyyyy.

Europe crumbling. Soveriegn bailouts only delay default. Old conflicts will rise anew. Europe will collapse on itself and then explode.

The U.S. in terminal denial. Unsustainable debt; promises that cannot and will not be kept. Welfare state goes bankrupt. Middle class wiped out as they watch American Idol and text their votes. Fucking crazy. Their way of life stolen as they believe the lies their Uncle told them. Blind or foolish, it matters not.

Crazy shit.

Mother Nature is pissed. Earthquakes by the dozen. Tornadoes by the hundreds. Fires burn Texas to the ground.

Two week news cycle keeps the peace. Spin it. Inform the masses but don't scare them.

The air is heavy. Storm clouds moving in. Stay low.


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