Thursday, December 06, 2007

Finish Strong

I started my current job about nine months ago, very enthusiastic to be back in the business of technical staffing and consulting after having been out of it for almost five years. The first seven months of this gig, it was tough. Very tough. I had forgotten how competitive it was, and now it seems it's even more competitive than it used to be. It took some getting used to but I kept plugging away. I had sporadic success during those months, but the hits were few and far between. I told myself to keep doing the right things, the tide will eventually turn. I talked to my dad about it, and others whose opinions I respect. I talked to them mainly for moral support, and they validated my beliefs and kept me propped up. My dad, always quick to sniff out and expose an untruth or weakness in a story, told me to keep doing what I was doing and don't sweat what's not in my control. It's our philosophy, his and mine, and we talk about it frequently.

So finally, the last five or six weeks, things have started turning. I've closed a few deals recently, and have some good stuff working for the next couple of weeks. Which is kind of surprising, because business usually stumbles and crawls through the Thanksgiving to New Year holiday season. That makes it even sweeter.

When I'm trudging through the tough times, it's hard to remember not to sweat the things beyond my control. I want to be in control of everything. I want to direct the play and choreograph all the moves, and when it doesn't go my way, I have a tendency to get a little cranky. I'm getting better about it, though. I've become better at stepping back and observing my own behavior, and most of the time I catch myself before I say something I shouldn't say, or otherwise make an ass of myself. Now I try to step back and take a moment to think. Figure out what I can do to improve the situation, rather than participate in its deterioration. Easier said than done, but I'm working on it.

So now that I have managed to gain a little momentum - a combination of persistence and providence - I have to stay focused and finish the year strong. I'll be taking a nice long vacation during the Christmas week and have a chance to decompress then, so now is the time to keeping pushing. Close another deal or two. Finish strong.

Peace and good tidings to all who managed to read this entire little pep talk I needed to give myself...


At 1:33 PM , Blogger GutterBall said...

Pep talks are fun, especially when they come from yourself. See, you know what you most need to hear.

Whether or not you're capable of saying that to yourself is the tricky part. *snerk*

At any rate, I'm glad things are finally going your way, WW. Everyone needs a little validation every now and then, and the best kind is from people who don't know you need it. Good for you, WW. Bless your heart.

Peace and cookies to you, man.

At 4:27 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Hey GB! I don't know when you posted your comment but I just checked in here for the first time in a while. Thanks for the kind words. I hope life is treating you well. You working on anything at the moment? I got stuck for a while on my story, new paragraphs trickly out slowly, but I had a recent epiphany and things are about to bust loose again. I hope to finish by spring, but damn, it's halfway through January already. Shoot me an email sometime, let me know how you're doing!

At 2:09 PM , Blogger Church Lady said...

What better way to finish strong than go to a blog party?
(sorry-couldn't resist even though I love your post)

I'd like to email you something about a blog party. If you have a moment, please drop me a line at


At 2:25 PM , Blogger Robin S. said...

Hey Wonderwood- do you by any chance know that Rod the Roofer guy? Just checking, honey.

And please email Church Lady- we want you to attend a blog party- you'll love it. No kidding!!!

At 6:20 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Man, I need to check in here more often LOL. I'll email ya Church Lady, sorry if I'm late to the party. Thanks for dropping by!

Hey, Robin! No, I don't know Rod the roofer, but I clicked on his blue and saw that sign and cracked up. Now as I'm answering this, it makes me think. You've figured out my other persona on EE's blog, haven't you? I can't remember how I posted my comment, but I think it was the other me ;-) Anyway, thanks for stopping by. See you at the party!

At 7:18 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Ha, I just went back and looked for my post on Rod's sign, and yep, it was my alter ego. Robin's figured me out. Nice job, Marlowe ;-)

At 5:50 PM , Blogger Robin S. said...

Damn- now I've gotta go reread, honey. I thought I had you at Rod!!! Maybe stick and move? I'm gonna go check- but that would also be a good guess. I'm going now...
I'll be back with you shortly.

At 6:04 PM , Blogger Robin S. said...

Damn all over again- you're stick and move!!!!

All this time I thought D. Jaosn Cooper was stick and move.

You're such a cutie!

By the way, did you ever start going to book club meetings? My guess is, you'd be a hit with the women.

AND - don't forget to go to CL's on Thursday, please, for the
EE-a-thon. Can't imagine you not being there.

At 7:51 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Oh man, I gave it away. I thought you already knew. Ha! Yep, stick and move is my darker side, I guess. I'm flattered you thought I was Rod though ;-)

No, I haven't tried the book club thing, but not a bad idea. My schedule stays pretty full right now, what with hanging out on writer's blogs and all. Actually, I do stay busy so I guess the woman of my dreams will have to stumble across my path by accident. Crazier things have happened.

Nice to see you, Robin. Don't tell, now, this is our little secret ;-)

At 5:09 AM , Blogger Robin S. said...

My lips are sealed, honey.

At 6:02 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

You just can't help with the innuendos, can you? haha

At 6:49 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Robin, you'll be needing my email address. johnburke62 @ You do remember, right? ;-)

At 6:21 AM , Blogger Robin S. said...

Oh, yeah, I remember!

And it's a damn good thing I sobered up before I saw this email address!

I'm sending you a note in just a minute....

At 7:28 AM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Dang it, I knew that would happen.

At 11:29 AM , Blogger Robin S. said...

Did you get my email?

Just checking.

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Wonderwood said...

Yes, I did, thanks. You should have a reply.


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