Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Material

Well, I don't know if Gasparilla's Gold is finished or not, but I'm putting it aside for the time being and working on the next project. So far, I have the main character, a bounty hunter who retires shortly after the story opens. I've got the first plot point figured out, but that's about all so far. I'm really just trying to flesh out some interesting characters at the moment, I haven't given too much thought to the plot yet. I like to populate it with a few interesting characters and let the plot ideas sort of flow from there.

The assistant protag is an older retired bounty hunter who serves as a mentor for the protag. The assistant lives in the swamp and is appropriately named "Gator". There will also be a prostitute - a high class call girl - and a stoned out surfer dude. That's what I'm starting out with. Now, I'll mix these folks up and see what kind of crime they have to solve.

I submitted a query letter to the Evil Editor blog. If he decides to critique it, I'm sure to be humiliated LOL. That's okay. If I get some solid advice and ideas, I can deal with the bashing I'll take. I'm sure some of the commenters will cut it to pieces. Some of the regulars on that blog have never seen a good query, and probably can't write one, either. Other regulars make insightful and constructive comments, entertaining and educational. Those are the ones I'll look for.

Now I'm back to fleshing out these characters. Coffee and donuts for the lucky ones...


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